bossladies | Impact of COVID 19 on Small Businesses…
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Impact of COVID 19 on Small Businesses…

How COVID 19 is going to affect us in next few months no one knows but small business owners have started experiencing its strong adverse effects already!


These are few tips for my BossLadies in these uncertain times to keep the positivity alive:

• We should cross promote our business with other local businesses in a way so that it boosts both the businesses

• Utilize your time and create marketing videos and plans for the coming uncertain times

• Include free shipping as a strategy

• Create online contests to keep your customers engaged

• To make sure that your customers are aware that you are taking all necessary precautions at the workplace make videos when you and your staff is cleaning and sterilizing themselves and the workplace. Touch free packaging in case of skincare and edible products will do the trick for them to be confident enough to order.

• Emphasize more on local clients and try and save on marketing budgets and be creative and do organic marketing as much as possible

• Bundle your products and services in deals

• We should support our local Small Business Owners and educate our helpers and staff for taking all necessary precautions.

More Power to #BossLadiesIndia

#DoNotPanic #BeSafe

Himja Rana

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